A seed can move a mountain
like wishes in a fountain
Good vibrations lead the way
Manifesting cosmic play

Selling soul for pride and gold
leads one down a shady road
Trusting spirit as your guide
life becomes a joyful ride

Answers now come easily
Road blocks can’t stop destiny
Fortune’s wheel now blessing stars
Raising vibe and healing scars

Time to win and clear out past
Honest love is built to last
Keeping focus on the light
Knowing all turns out alright

Buried truths are now revealed
Ancestors provide a shield
Shady fools are brought to task
Karmic partners lose their mask

Those who boasted now are meek
humbled by treasures they seek
Looking for a higher path
Better now at basic math

Can’t pass through the needle’s eye
when you’re living in a lie
Need to block toxicity
to pursue what’s meant to be

Mental trap keeps one confused
Wounded child is being used
Demon energy can’t lurk
when cleared out with inner work

Hear the call to wake and rise
See the truth with open eyes
Always knew and held the key
Unlock chains, set yourself free

Puscifer – The Humbling River