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Now I know. I surrender.
I trust. I flow.

It doesn’t matter anymore
if the door
is open or closed
it’s all the same
we move through walls
no one to blame
when spirit calls
the victim has no alibi
the queen is with
her destined guy
Siren’s dance
and trust falls
One more chance
will take balls
Dance card’s filled
as justice willed
All good now
flows in
the bad’s
as is destined
lovers begotten

Player’s now played
by the plaything
too stupid to avoid
a tattooed ring
but no tolerance for
and disrespect
cannot circumvent
all the anger
it must be expressed

Heaven blessed notes
of love
and sovereignty
Do you remember
what that means?
Can you see between
the seams
as the stitching comes undone
Was it worth it
for some fun
in the sun
on a beach
in Hawaii
Everyone can see
how great you are
as you chat up the bar
Kisses taste more like
fake sweetener
than cigarettes
more like possibilities
than past regrets
Not a lashing
of the tongue
A song that’s gently sung
The perfect caress
green light
in our breasts
Heart beats
in perfect symmetry
Love dissolves me
again and again and again

Reversed wide-band rainbow in the sky this morning.

Will of a sheep
Strength of a lion
One appears asleep
One’s headed for Zion

Crab’s chained to the moon
Ruled by passions
and plunders
Horse in the meadow
Sky gazes and

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions
do right actions
lead to heaven
or honorable

Why does bee
fly by
several times a day?
What is nature always
trying to say?

Slow down
be here
take it all in
Surrender and trust
is the way
to win

Breathe deeply
flow freely
love abundantly
Choose mastery
over apathy

You must love yourself
before you love anyone else

How wide is the web
that spans our world?
Will it collapse
as the grand design’s

Where do we stand?
Right or wrong
in the middle
The way shown now
through rhyme
and riddle

The dawn is coming
but first the night
trust good’s
love wins
this fight

What if at the end of it all
we are asked only one question:
did you love well?

Spirit guides
Winner rides
Know who you are
And you’ll shine like a star

Black Cloud tells of the
coming storm
Those prepared
are those forewarned

The birds are singing
be here now
clear your mind
don’t have a cow

Center in authenticity
To listen and
and be
is key

Simple day
it all gets done
Dance and sing
let’s have some fun

See the sky
watch the clouds
breathe the air
drink the water
feel the breeze
soak up the sun
She is calling
do you hear her?

Thank you
overlords for
plant medicine

Breathe it in

for answers
far and
the truth
is always
found inside

There was a dream
of free, clean energy
you and me
pink and blue sky
destined guy
eternal bliss and harmony

Now I call bullshit on your life
Put some pressure on your wife
Shame you for your secrecy
What on earth’s become of me?
The truth’s too heavy for you to bear
The cost’s too high for you to care
Your soul’s loved deeply
by me
You prefer to wallow
in misery
I showed the way
I gave the keys
Freedom’s for the taking
if you please
Or persist in hell
Under lover’s spell
The choice is yours
my dear
One day
that will be clear

Quantum fields of possibility

All we need is to love
How hard can that be
if you play me for a fool
every time
every life
karma’s delivered by the hand
of the one
you call wife
Lies dig you deeper
into the hole
Only to love truly
will save your soul

Say good night
Time to take flight

Icy You. I See You. Intensive Care Unit

Doors and windows slammed shut
Stuck with Jabba the Hutt
Block of ice for a heart
Too drunk to be smart
His daughter and he
Need a common enemy
To secure their love bubble
Which brings nothing but trouble
Their target’s easy to hate
But the game seals their fate
Each triangulated off the other
Pinning daughter against mother
Mother against her own offspring
So cowardly man feels like a king
Or like the scum of the earth?
Maybe regretting his birth?
Is she as clueless as she seems?
Or busy with her own schemes?
Too fearful to be strong
Too prideful to be wrong
The observer shines a light
Till all wrongs are made right
No more comfort in captivity
The truth now leads to liberty

He asked me to wait so I did
I waited
I watched
I learned
and I left
Patience ran out
Love became doubt
Truths now clearly seen
Unstuck from in between
The wheel of life is spinning
I hop aboard
Destined for
A new beginning

What can I say?

Green man in the tree
One eye open, watching me
Smiling, nodding
For us to see
All is as it’s meant to be
Who brings the rain?
Who heals the Earth?
What do we find between death and rebirth?
Is life just a dream and fantasy?
Do we direct or accept our destiny?
When love reigns supreme
Life’s no longer a dream
Wake up sleepy head
It’s too late when we’re dead
Eyes are black holes now
Smile is peaceful, serene
Truth is clearly felt and seen
When the chips are down
Light up your crown
The rainbow inside
Will guide you home

Which has more value, love or gold?

Feels like energies are shifting in a major way this month. Exciting insights and revelations, powerful synchronicities, signs and reminders to help us awaken.

The Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance begins today ( The guiding question is: How can I best empower myself?

From the Law of Time Noos-Letter
Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light
Jimmy Eat World – Futures

I’m feeling inspired to delve a little deeper into my failed love affair because blogging about it is therapeutic. Pictures help tell the story, starting with a photo of Josh and Heather with meddlesome me in the middle, along with my angel daughter and her kids.

To be stuck in a karmic entanglement with someone who treats you like garbage can be very enlightening IF you’re willing to integrate and learn from the lessons. Some people choose instead to hunker down with mind-numbing substances and wait for their life to be over. When you’re connected to someone at a quantum level who opts for the low road, unfortunately you can’t just shake them loose like a bad habit. All you can do is focus on your own ascension and mental health and pray one day they’ll start making better choices based on love instead of fear.

When I think about Josh now, I feel anxious and nauseous. My love for him has nowhere to go. The cords I’ve repeatedly severed grow back and keep me tethered to his soul, and I can feel how awful he feels. It’s draining and seems unfair since nobody benefits from this mirroring. Why does it persist? How do I turn it off?

Praying for total disengagement led to the realization that I need to surrender instead and trust in the divine wisdom of love.

When nothing makes sense in this dynamic, which is often, tarot cards reveal a hidden order and magic and somehow assure me everything works out for the best in the end. Here are a couple of spreads I pulled earlier from the Tarot of Sacred Feminine by Floreana Nativo and Franco Rivolli. The artwork captures so much meaning.

Here we have the Hierophant, 10 of cups, 5 of cups, 7 of swords, and 4 of pentacles. In the top row, it’s interesting how each card includes a character pointing to the heavens, reminding us to maintain a higher perspective. “As above, so below.” The 7 of swords usually shows someone trying to get away with sneaky behavior. In this version, the man is exposed with a pig-headed woman on his bed and another pig on the floor behind him. Spilling a cup of blood red wine as the goddess blows him away with light energy. The 4 of pentacles is a fall from grace, but elemental spirits are there to offer hope and assistance.

The Devil here is a woman who’s been hiding behind a mask. The masked face leads into the darkness, but the mask comes off as the light reveals who she truly is. The Queen of Swords in the middle has mastered her thoughts and emotions. She takes careful aim with her words and actions to pierce through illusions. The King of Swords depicts the goddess Cybele and her lover Attis under a pomegranate tree. Attis is associated with self-mutilation, death and rebirth.

All of humanity is going through a major transformational cycle. We can’t build a home in the middle of the bridge, but we can align ourselves energetically with the divine plan by breathing, trusting, being present, and listening to the guidance of spirit.

Switchfoot – Dare You to Move
Galantis – No Money
Ansel Elgort – All I Think About Is You
Mihali – Breathe and Let Go

Is there a new world we’re creating? Beyond third dimensional limitations and programmed beliefs. There must be. Evolution is required for us to thrive and the tools we need are within.

Thoughts are cosmic currency. Are we investing them wisely? Are we happy with the harvest yielded from the seeds of consciousness we’re planting?

Do our thoughts guide us into our desired reality or leave us trapped in loops of victimhood and despair?

Here is a portal. A new beginning. The culmination of our efforts. An invitation to step into a new way of being.

XXI. The World represents the completion of a cycle and a doorway into a promising new beginning. All begins as a seed thought of intention, followed by a word that speaks it into creation. Each finds and progresses through the portal in their own time. The process cannot be forced, hastened, or bypassed. As the world turns, all comes into being. The key is to be here now, open to receiving the gifts of each moment and trusting in the perfection of the grand design.

The choice and responsibility to ascend beyond 3D constructs is ours. Nobody can walk the path for us. The way is accessible in each moment, with rooted awareness and deep, conscious breathing. With practice, it becomes easier to watch and refocus our thoughts until they reflect our desired reality.

We create our world every day with thoughts, words, intentions, actions and energy. As we become increasingly aware of this and raise our vibration, people resonating at lower levels drop out of our lives and a new tribe arrives to meet our frequency.

With presence, we’re in our full spiritual power as sovereign beings and no one can feed off our energy or control us in any way. The past loses its hold on us and the future becomes more clear. It’s here now! Step through the portal and discover what awaits on the other side.

RYYZN – Mirror
CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue
Röyksopp РWhat Else Is There?
HANNIE feat. Carys Selvey – Cosmic Bound
Nause – The World I Know
Cocoon – Cathedral
U.S.A. For Africa – We Are the World
Kaoma – Lambada
Wookiefoot – Who Are You?