In the garden on my throne
Former lovers turned to stone

Shepherd said: technology
Silence is the golden key
Find the master inside me
Words of truth will set us free

Cheater lied to drag me down
Spirit knocked him to the ground
As he rose, stunned, without grace
I hid the smile on my face

Now I forgive and forget
Moving on without regret
Appreciate the blessings
and wonder each new day brings

Angels brought me to the light
Spirit helped me set things right
Now I understand my worth
and the reason for my birth

Tide now turns, justice prevails
Love uplifts and evil fails
The way to succeed is clear
Be kind, do right, have no fear

Living in a fantasy
keeps one trapped in history
To rise above illusions
block out toxic intrusions

Our final destination
is also our foundation
so rise up dreamer’s nation
enjoy your soul’s vacation

Signs divine are everywhere
Stop pretending you don’t care
Answer the call of spirit
Don’t act like you can’t hear it

Feigning ignorance won’t fly
with the council in the sky
For one more chance to ascend
endless cycles now must end

Allow your transformation
by raising your vibration
Solving future mysteries
with ancient technologies

Simply breathe and clear your mind
Answers deep inside you’ll find