Even when all seems
chaotic and cruel
unfair and unjust
the divine design
requires surrender and trust

What’s good flows in easily
What’s bad goes out breezily

Seeds of thought manifest
Reap the good, discard the rest
Learn to love with purity
devotion and sincerity
Learn to be your truest self
Take your talents off the shelf
share them with humanity
Be the light we came to be

No more hate
unlock the gate
No more key
The truth is free

Music of the spheres
Divine symphony and orchestration
Souls are here on short vacation
What to do with this brief dance?
How much left to circumstance?
A mere blip in eternity
yet feels so real for you and me
The dream entices
but spirit slices
through fantasy
What’s meant to be
takes shape inevitably

So breathe
do less
dream more
try not at all
receive as you believe you’re worth
cherish every creation birthed
trust in grandest destiny
becoming our reality

We came to win
it’s time to spin
the wheel
do as we feel
guided to
don’t hide
what’s true

Aloha scribe family
thank you for guiding me
all in this together
and things will get better
Your words inspire
I love your fire
art, poetry
Now life’s becoming flow-etry

Happy now about my job loss. I see the perfection, bittersweet. Life fully savored again, what a treat.

Time to explore
an open door
Feelings guide
deep inside
Time for a change
life rearrange
new home
new space
a peaceful place
Ease and fun
when work is done
Focus on what matters
toxic structure shatters
Be real and true
I’m here for you
I’ve seen your face
A cosmic race
Ancestors leading
advising and reading
Energy now heals
with words and feels
Vortex pulls us in
New stories begin
Ease and flow
as we go
Home’s wherever
friends forever
Laughing and singing
new beginning
Disney’s best
put to the test
We’ll do it better
Hotter, wetter
Raging fire
of desire
Happy endings
snuggly bendings
happy bind
All resolved
future solved
Fixed with love
sent from above
Peaceful smiles
across the miles
Crystal mirror
image clearer
Soul and body
hot and godly
All trade’s Jack
pulls me back
gateway to heaven
Signs assure
path is pure
Magical schemers
Happiest dreamers
Mirrored mages
filling pages
with songs and signs
when all aligns

Lost my job
don’t form a mob
I’ve wracked my brain
now can explain
why this test
is for the best
Boss McVicker
made me sicker
Former retiree
toxic referee
Too much to drink
so hard to think
Saw through her act
then I got sacked
HR lady
sounded shady
Expectations not set
were never met
One month in
then tossed away
after working hard
for meager pay
Stabbed in the back
kicked out of Slack
Have no fear
the way now clear
Dismissal smarted
heavy hearted
I searched for reason
Christmas season
Feel good knowing
winds are blowing
Though it stung
change will come
I’ll find my team
and live the dream

Called it, Black Cloud!
Ancestors are proud
Signal’s refining
in perfect timing
Timeline’s revealing
secrets concealing
Truth’s come to light
Fools lost the fight
Love’s on wheels
Honesty heals
The coffin’s nailed
The monsters failed
Lovers united
Passions ignited
Time now to be
in perfect harmony
Mirroring souls
knowing our roles
Choosing love over fear
bringing in the new year
The storm has passed
This love will last
It’s all been written
This lion’s smitten

Things in flight
will turn out right
What’s expected
Nature calls
crumbled walls
Relics of
days gone by
Now we do
there is no try
Don’t expect
Simply accept
Mission granted
Vision planted
Seed takes root
bears good fruit

Week one fumbles
facade crumbles
No more reaching
spirit’s teaching
All flows in now
take a long bow
Rest, retreat
have a seat
Await your king
riding in
on the wind
Settled in
we feel each other
Sister brother
Father mother
Long lost lovers
I know his voice
I have no choice
The greatest ride
Begins inside
Lost but found
this time around

No time, no space
big fall from grace
trumps frustration
Was fun to explore
before closing the door
Fare thee well
broken spell
All love
No hate
Was good and great
quick and dirty
smart and flirty
Thanks for showing up briefly
acting chiefly
Best of luck on your path
Though I’m no good at math
know when things don’t add up
or directly
Lack of trust
now’s a bust
Peace my friend
until the end

Now I know. I surrender.
I trust. I flow.

It doesn’t matter anymore
if the door
is open or closed
it’s all the same
we move through walls
no one to blame
when spirit calls
the victim has no alibi
the queen is with
her destined guy
Siren’s dance
and trust falls
One more chance
will take balls
Dance card’s filled
as justice willed
All good now
flows in
the bad’s
as is destined
lovers begotten

Player’s now played
by the plaything
too stupid to avoid
a tattooed ring
but no tolerance for
and disrespect
cannot circumvent
all the anger
it must be expressed

Heaven blessed notes
of love
and sovereignty
Do you remember
what that means?
Can you see between
the seams
as the stitching comes undone
Was it worth it
for some fun
in the sun
on a beach
in Hawaii
Everyone can see
how great you are
as you chat up the bar
Kisses taste more like
fake sweetener
than cigarettes
more like possibilities
than past regrets
Not a lashing
of the tongue
A song that’s gently sung
The perfect caress
green light
in our breasts
Heart beats
in perfect symmetry
Love dissolves me
again and again and again

Reversed wide-band rainbow in the sky this morning.

Will of a sheep
Strength of a lion
One appears asleep
One’s headed for Zion

Crab’s chained to the moon
Ruled by passions
and plunders
Horse in the meadow
Sky gazes and

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions
do right actions
lead to heaven
or honorable

Why does bee
fly by
several times a day?
What is nature always
trying to say?

Slow down
be here
take it all in
Surrender and trust
is the way
to win

Breathe deeply
flow freely
love abundantly
Choose mastery
over apathy

You must love yourself
before you love anyone else

How wide is the web
that spans our world?
Will it collapse
as the grand design’s

Where do we stand?
Right or wrong
in the middle
The way shown now
through rhyme
and riddle

The dawn is coming
but first the night
trust good’s
love wins
this fight

What if at the end of it all
we are asked only one question:
did you love well?

Spirit guides
Winner rides
Know who you are
And you’ll shine like a star