I hand him the keys
Let’s go for a drive
Not long in 3D
Soon living in 5
Finding the clues
Solving the crime
What powers are used
When we’re past
Judgment time

Always protected
Never alone
Toxins deflected
Way has been shown
Breathe and keep being
As you choose to be
New eyes now seeing
This moment
We’re free

Trust and feel
What’s been shown
Love is real
Seedling grown
Deep roots
Now thrive
Dream comes alive

Buried past
Souls outlast
Rise again
Now and then
Empty handed
When we landed
Much acquired
Till we tired
One true thing
Deeply prized
Water king

In the making
Cards laid out
For the taking
Build a bridge
One that stands
Cross the ridge
Promised lands

History’s not what it used to be
Woven web of lies
Castles of insanity
Backdrop and propped up cheap disguise

Architectural splendor
Before we had the means
As you dig it’s a real mind bender
Buried truths wise explorer gleans

What caused the catastrophic flood?
Where did the ones who built this go?
What’s hidden beneath rivers of mud?
Answers we may never know

Don’t believe the made up tales
Of fairs and fires and gold
Towers and stars when all else fails
Reveal the truths of old

Photograph by MAXAR via Daily Overview

The common theme in all my failed relationships is me
Red flags and fatal flaws in time I couldn’t help but see
Never want to start because I know how it will end
But like a fool I leap each time I find a special friend
Starts out so sweetly with kisses and cuddles
But shortly thereafter shadiness befuddles
I patiently wait for things to improve
The man child dares not make a move
Seems not to care
Acts unaware
My patience ends
No longer friends
The illusion shatters
Only love matters?
I believe in love, does love believe in me?
Will it ever be more than fantasy?
I’m tired of the story
No guts and no glory
Want someone real
To match how I feel
A recognized soul
Agreed upon role
Past life mendings
Happy endings
Heal all frustrations
With open hearts
Believe in the dream
Things are not as they seem
Whole world is shaken
When we awaken
It’s time to win
Now we begin

Didn’t play by the rules
Couldn’t tolerate fools
Tried to find better way
Honest work for fair pay
Was cast out on my own
Had to take out a loan
Then paid hefty taxes
As moon wanes and waxes
This time not a martyr
In this life I’m smarter
Know with each debt I pay
Spirt’s finding a way
To free our souls
From heavy tolls
Life’s meant to be treasured
Not by dollars measured
What’s truly worth gold
Cannot be bought or sold
The greatest of gifts
Our spirit uplifts
When we trace back the threads
And get out of our heads
It’s easy to see
Love is our destiny
When each debt is set straight
And we find our true mate
We’ll know love is the prize
And see through clearest eyes
At the end of this road
When we lay down our load
Death may be a new spin
And our soul may begin
A new journey elsewhere
If we’ve earned it with care
But now bills are heaping
The secrets I’m keeping
Yearn to be expressed
And put to the test
So if you are needing
A scribe to be feeding
Ideas for translation
Or flow elevation
We can join forces
Build life-changing courses
So everyone’s winning
As new world is spinning
Not here to toil sourly
And make money hourly
Here to raise the vibe
And awaken our tribe
No more deceiving
Time to be believing
Surrender and trust
The divine will is just
Leveling up
Overflowing cup
Presence is key
It’s time to be free

Justice prevails
Love fills our sails
Shadows can’t hide
When light’s our guide
Energy’s read
Nothing’s unsaid
Through games we lose
We pay our dues
When time to win
Earned lucky spin
Cheaters who boast
Regret the most
The price to pay
On judgement day
Trapped and fearing
Vision’s clearing
Time to answer
What’s been taken
Now forsaken
Unfair earning
Tides now turning
Tribe of Ma’at
Never forgot
Thought hope was lost
Into trash tossed
Was cursed and nailed
But never failed
To see task through
And make world new
Love now ruling
No more fooling
Never too late
To change one’s fate
By doing right
Choose path of light
Cast out the dark
Trust inner spark
Reclaim power
Leave the tower
When this life ends
You’ll know true friends
Cared for your soul
And played their role
As once agreed
Till all are freed

Ancestral curses lifting
Spiritual forces gifting
False twin was funhouse mirror
Distortions made things clearer
Wrong label I assigned
kept me trapped in a bind
Dream rooster helped me see
new thoughts would set me free
The game I couldn’t win
was foolish to begin
Now karmic debts are paid
and battle scars will fade
With no regrets I pray
he’ll see the truth someday
The wheel of evolution
will free souls from confusion
To elevate and rise
must see through spirit’s eyes
Choosing authenticity
is the path to mastery
The emperor now appears
as past illusion clears
A match of mirrored fire
to build a new empire
Wherever this is going
surrender to life’s flowing
With trust in grand design
all fated paths align
Not labeling this flame
A rose by any name
is lovely to behold
more valuable than gold
New game by lovers’ rules
Forgiveness for the fools
Enjoying real relating
as vibe is elevating
Remember love’s a choice
Recapturing my voice
Our words carry much power
can cause a crumbling tower
or make desires real
combined with how we feel
As truth flows freely through
our dreams are coming true

Brought a drowning man to shore
Then forgot him nevermore
Asked witch for a chance to see
If he was my destiny

Cost of passage was my voice
In a heartbeat made my choice
Landed joyful in his arms
Then witch lured him with her charms

Cast me back into the sea
No one came to rescue me
I dissolved without a trace
Fish queen held the man in place

Now I wonder what all for
Was love just a thankless chore?
Sacrificed to gain nothing
Empty shell of former king

POLO & PAN – Pays Imaginaire
Source: Disney Parks

Often played meddlesome mage
Trapped and couldn’t turn the page
Failed to achieve mastery
Lost sight of the tapestry

Prisoner frozen on the wall
Saving him was my downfall
Vain attempts to set him free
Led to my captivity

Jabba kept me chained and bound
Ruled by powers underground
At first chance I turned the tide
Jedi force was on my side

Justice now in victory
Freedom gained from fantasy
Love will overcome the dark
If we trust our inner spark

Light prevails and empire falls
When we follow judgement calls
Don’t succumb when all is bleak
Be the hero that you seek

Man transfixed and beguiled
starry-eyed yet seldom smiled
His life had been so tragic
He couldn’t see the magic

Fake friends encouraged drinking
and anxious over-thinking
He gave away his power
Exchanged for wilted flower

Took pride in sacrifices
while wallowing in vices
Soul tribe sent a guiding light
Stoically he said “goodnight”

Telescopes can magnify
distant objects in the sky
but tracker can’t see clearly
the things he clings to dearly

Mission seemed an epic fail
Surely love had left a trail
Charms grow weaker every day
as the soldier finds his way

Chains are of his own design
When he wakes up they untwine

Inspired by #FOWC

Friendly neighbor to the north
seeks adventure and sets forth
casts toxicity aside
sails in with the rising tide

Man of super strength and steel
excavates to find what’s real
captivates with words that flow
As above anchored below

Woman wonders as tide lifts
peaceful as dimension shifts
Puzzles of the past are solved
All forgiven, ties dissolved

Law of love now rules the land
Life unfolds as spirits planned
Path of authenticity
guides us to our destiny

Learned our lessons, passed the test
Now all works out for the best
Nothing sought yet all received
Manifest as we believed

Vision forms as words vibrate
Thoughts attract our chosen fate
Kindred spirits magnetized
Veil falls, dreams are realized

Source: canadiansky.co.uk