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Knock foul play out of the park
Guide lost souls out of the dark
Bring your standing base mates home
As wave ripples through the dome

Patiently await right pitch
or return to dug out ditch
Centering, breathe, swing and crack
Round the mound and don’t look back

One, two, three then home at last
Trail of dust left in the past
Now it’s safe to celebrate
Divine helpers orchestrate

Winning is our destiny
to uplift humanity
Trust, receive, allow and birth
Star seeds dreaming of new earth

Bases loaded, grab your bat
Stealthy movements like a cat
Passage hidden under paw
Download wisdom prophets saw

Cosmic light codes fill us in
Dreamers nation will begin

Photo: garykingphotographer/Shutterstock

A seed can move a mountain
like wishes in a fountain
Good vibrations lead the way
Manifesting cosmic play

Selling soul for pride and gold
leads one down a shady road
Trusting spirit as your guide
life becomes a joyful ride

Answers now come easily
Road blocks can’t stop destiny
Fortune’s wheel now blessing stars
Raising vibe and healing scars

Time to win and clear out past
Honest love is built to last
Keeping focus on the light
Knowing all turns out alright

Buried truths are now revealed
Ancestors provide a shield
Shady fools are brought to task
Karmic partners lose their mask

Those who boasted now are meek
humbled by treasures they seek
Looking for a higher path
Better now at basic math

Can’t pass through the needle’s eye
when you’re living in a lie
Need to block toxicity
to pursue what’s meant to be

Mental trap keeps one confused
Wounded child is being used
Demon energy can’t lurk
when cleared out with inner work

Hear the call to wake and rise
See the truth with open eyes
Always knew and held the key
Unlock chains, set yourself free

Puscifer – The Humbling River

In the garden on my throne
Former lovers turned to stone

Shepherd said: technology
Silence is the golden key
Find the master inside me
Words of truth will set us free

Cheater lied to drag me down
Spirit knocked him to the ground
As he rose, stunned, without grace
I hid the smile on my face

Now I forgive and forget
Moving on without regret
Appreciate the blessings
and wonder each new day brings

Angels brought me to the light
Spirit helped me set things right
Now I understand my worth
and the reason for my birth

Tide now turns, justice prevails
Love uplifts and evil fails
The way to succeed is clear
Be kind, do right, have no fear

Living in a fantasy
keeps one trapped in history
To rise above illusions
block out toxic intrusions

Our final destination
is also our foundation
so rise up dreamer’s nation
enjoy your soul’s vacation

Signs divine are everywhere
Stop pretending you don’t care
Answer the call of spirit
Don’t act like you can’t hear it

Feigning ignorance won’t fly
with the council in the sky
For one more chance to ascend
endless cycles now must end

Allow your transformation
by raising your vibration
Solving future mysteries
with ancient technologies

Simply breathe and clear your mind
Answers deep inside you’ll find

Stand your ground
world spins round
justice arcs
true love sparks
karma levels
foolish devils
angels winning
new beginning
high cost of plunder
heavenly thunder
storm now coming
sends cowards running
ancestral curses
will lighten purses
let ego die
nowhere to hide
must go inside
and find the spark
light up the dark
drop heavy weight
open the gate
let your light shine
our love’s divine

Angels in plain sight
Here to make things right
Died and rose from hell
to break the programmed spell
Assembling the tribe
with love to raise the vibe
Overcoming fear
until the path is clear
Divine law’s our protection
and mode of resurrection
Remembering the dream
Focusing light beam
to slice through each illusion
and clear out all confusion
Our lives will never end
At death we’ll just ascend
Back into the light
Until love wins the fight

Haven’t yet learned the name of the wind
or atoned for every time I’ve sinned
Steady gains and advances
are hampered by backwards glances
Cold chills me to the bone
This planet doesn’t feel like home
The weight of expectation
makes me wish for unending vacation
Only myself to blame
for all my pain and shame
Hoping for better days
Still muddling through this maze
Sunlight is healing
but gloom’s what I’m feeling
Love is the answer
So where’s my romancer?
Tinder makes me feel
like a cog in a wheel
Who’s jabbed and who’s not?
Few are taking a shot
Sex isn’t appealing
I’d rather stare at the ceiling
I’m craving connection
yet skilled at deflection
Not toking or drinking
still feel like I’m sinking
Hope is not lost
that a hat will be tossed
into the ring
and I’ll find a real king
Meanwhile my phone
helps me feel less alone
See through the lies
Keep on believing
in what we’re achieving
Feels like descending
but the struggle is ending
We’ll rise and shine
It’s all divine

Why am I here?
What now?
Just a dull ache where my heart used to be
thriving, resounding a symphony
of love and possibility
Now it’s empty and hollow
and just wants to wallow
in misery
He never cared for me
Seen now clearly
And I loved him to the ends of infinity
Thought justice was coming in the form of a sweet guitar strumming man
a camper van
a farm
a family
When is real love coming for me?
Tired of wishing for a fantasy
Please let us advance to the next stage
turn the page
leave the past behind
see what we’ll find
braving any weather
with honesty and loyalty
The way love’s meant to be
We’re on the home stretch
just a little bit longer
to experience union
more balanced
and stronger
Poetic justice is coming
we’ll soon be humming
and strumming
a brand new song
right all that’s wrong
Keystone set in place
will bridge time and space
Magic made real
by how we feel
Trust the pacing
still thoughts racing
Love divine
is his and mine
Healing all humanity
with the proper frequency
How it’s meant to be
comes easily
Simply allow and flow
trust and know
See, feel, believe
and we shall achieve
Fiery passion will elevate
it’s not too late
for this dream to come true
of me and you
All needs fulfilled
our minds are stilled
Peace is found
when you’re around
Actions taken
not forsaken
This is fated
Divine course set
to beget
Cars on the track
there’s no turning back

Even when all seems
chaotic and cruel
unfair and unjust
the divine design
requires surrender and trust

What’s good flows in easily
What’s bad goes out breezily

Seeds of thought manifest
Reap the good, discard the rest
Learn to love with purity
devotion and sincerity
Learn to be your truest self
Take your talents off the shelf
share them with humanity
Be the light we came to be

No more hate
unlock the gate
No more key
The truth is free

Music of the spheres
Divine symphony and orchestration
Souls are here on short vacation
What to do with this brief dance?
How much left to circumstance?
A mere blip in eternity
yet feels so real for you and me
The dream entices
but spirit slices
through fantasy
What’s meant to be
takes shape inevitably

So breathe
do less
dream more
try not at all
receive as you believe you’re worth
cherish every creation birthed
trust in grandest destiny
becoming our reality

We came to win
it’s time to spin
the wheel
do as we feel
guided to
don’t hide
what’s true

Aloha scribe family
thank you for guiding me
all in this together
and things will get better
Your words inspire
I love your fire
art, poetry
Now life’s becoming flow-etry

Happy now about my job loss. I see the perfection, bittersweet. Life fully savored again, what a treat.

Time to explore
an open door
Feelings guide
deep inside
Time for a change
life rearrange
new home
new space
a peaceful place
Ease and fun
when work is done
Focus on what matters
toxic structure shatters
Be real and true
I’m here for you
I’ve seen your face
A cosmic race
Ancestors leading
advising and reading
Energy now heals
with words and feels
Vortex pulls us in
New stories begin
Ease and flow
as we go
Home’s wherever
friends forever
Laughing and singing
new beginning
Disney’s best
put to the test
We’ll do it better
Hotter, wetter
Raging fire
of desire
Happy endings
snuggly bendings
happy bind
All resolved
future solved
Fixed with love
sent from above
Peaceful smiles
across the miles
Crystal mirror
image clearer
Soul and body
hot and godly
All trades Jack
pulls me back
gateway to heaven
Signs assure
path is pure
Magical schemers
Happiest dreamers
Mirrored mages
filling pages
with songs and signs
when all aligns

Lost my job
don’t form a mob
I’ve wracked my brain
now can explain
why this test
is for the best
Boss McVicker
made me sicker
Former retiree
toxic referee
Too much to drink
so hard to think
Saw through her act
then I got sacked
HR lady
sounded shady
Expectations not set
were never met
One month in
then tossed away
after working hard
for meager pay
Stabbed in the back
kicked out of Slack
Have no fear
the way now clear
Dismissal smarted
heavy hearted
I searched for reason
Christmas season
Feel good knowing
winds are blowing
Though it stung
change will come
I’ll find my team
and live the dream