Justice prevails
Love fills our sails
Shadows can’t hide
When light’s our guide
Energy’s read
Nothing’s unsaid
Through games we lose
We pay our dues
When time to win
Earned lucky spin
Cheaters who boast
Regret the most
The price to pay
On judgement day
Trapped and fearing
Vision’s clearing
Time to answer
What’s been taken
Now forsaken
Unfair earning
Tides now turning
Tribe of Ma’at
Never forgot
Thought hope was lost
Into trash tossed
Was cursed and nailed
But never failed
To see task through
And make world new
Love now ruling
No more fooling
Never too late
To change one’s fate
By doing right
Choose path of light
Cast out the dark
Trust inner spark
Reclaim power
Leave the tower
When this life ends
You’ll know true friends
Cared for your soul
And played their role
As once agreed
Till all are freed