Ancestral curses lifting
Spiritual forces gifting
False twin was funhouse mirror
Distortions made things clearer
Wrong label I assigned
kept me trapped in a bind
Dream rooster helped me see
new thoughts would set me free
The game I couldn’t win
was foolish to begin
Now karmic debts are paid
and battle scars will fade
With no regrets I pray
he’ll see the truth someday
The wheel of evolution
will free souls from confusion
To elevate and rise
must see through spirit’s eyes
Choosing authenticity
is the path to mastery
The emperor now appears
as past illusion clears
A match of mirrored fire
to build a new empire
Wherever this is going
surrender to life’s flowing
With trust in grand design
all fated paths align
Not labeling this flame
A rose by any name
is lovely to behold
more valuable than gold
New game by lovers’ rules
Forgiveness for the fools
Enjoying real relating
as vibe is elevating
Remember love’s a choice
Recapturing my voice
Our words carry much power
can cause a crumbling tower
or make desires real
combined with how we feel
As truth flows freely through
our dreams are coming true