Even when all seems
chaotic and cruel
unfair and unjust
the divine design
requires surrender and trust

What’s good flows in easily
What’s bad goes out breezily

Seeds of thought manifest
Reap the good, discard the rest
Learn to love with purity
devotion and sincerity
Learn to be your truest self
Take your talents off the shelf
share them with humanity
Be the light we came to be

No more hate
unlock the gate
No more key
The truth is free

Music of the spheres
Divine symphony and orchestration
Souls are here on short vacation
What to do with this brief dance?
How much left to circumstance?
A mere blip in eternity
yet feels so real for you and me
The dream entices
but spirit slices
through fantasy
What’s meant to be
takes shape inevitably

So breathe
do less
dream more
try not at all
receive as you believe you’re worth
cherish every creation birthed
trust in grandest destiny
becoming our reality

We came to win
it’s time to spin
the wheel
do as we feel
guided to
don’t hide
what’s true

Aloha scribe family
thank you for guiding me
all in this together
and things will get better
Your words inspire
I love your fire
art, poetry
Now life’s becoming flow-etry