Happy now about my job loss. I see the perfection, bittersweet. Life fully savored again, what a treat.

Time to explore
an open door
Feelings guide
deep inside
Time for a change
life rearrange
new home
new space
a peaceful place
Ease and fun
when work is done
Focus on what matters
toxic structure shatters
Be real and true
I’m here for you
I’ve seen your face
A cosmic race
Ancestors leading
advising and reading
Energy now heals
with words and feels
Vortex pulls us in
New stories begin
Ease and flow
as we go
Home’s wherever
friends forever
Laughing and singing
new beginning
Disney’s best
put to the test
We’ll do it better
Hotter, wetter
Raging fire
of desire
Happy endings
snuggly bendings
happy bind
All resolved
future solved
Fixed with love
sent from above
Peaceful smiles
across the miles
Crystal mirror
image clearer
Soul and body
hot and godly
All trades Jack
pulls me back
gateway to heaven
Signs assure
path is pure
Magical schemers
Happiest dreamers
Mirrored mages
filling pages
with songs and signs
when all aligns