Reversed wide-band rainbow in the sky this morning.


Will of a sheep
Strength of a lion
One appears asleep
One’s headed for Zion

Crab’s chained to the moon
Ruled by passions
and plunders
Horse in the meadow
Sky gazes and

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions
do right actions
lead to heaven
or honorable

Why does bee
fly by
several times a day?
What is nature always
trying to say?

Slow down
be here
take it all in
Surrender and trust
is the way
to win

Breathe deeply
flow freely
love abundantly
Choose mastery
over apathy

You must love yourself
before you love anyone else

How wide is the web
that spans our world?
Will it collapse
as the grand design’s

Where do we stand?
Right or wrong
in the middle
The way shown now
through rhyme
and riddle

The dawn is coming
but first the night
trust good’s
love wins
this fight

What if at the end of it all
we are asked only one question:
did you love well?

Spirit guides
Winner rides
Know who you are
And you’ll shine like a star