“Don’t judge!” they said judgmentally.

To love was not the crime
But to lie all the time
Deceiving for personal gain
Causing heartache and pain
Manipulating energy to mislead and harm
Control and charm
But the day of judgement comes for us all, my friend
And all foolish games must come to an end
Time to face the music and may it reveal
How to love, rise above, awaken and heal

XX. Judgement is a call to awaken. Rise up from the dead. Step out of the coffins we’ve built for ourselves and into the light of limitless possibilities. There’s a new world that awaits at the end of this transformational cycle. Everything plays out as divinely orchestrated, so judgement reminds us to trust and accept what IS. Love rewards. Fear imprisons. Judgement is a sudden revelation and realization of the power we have to free ourselves.

At the end of it all, we’ll realize we were never alone. Everything we thought we did in secret was closely monitored by cosmic consciousness. Everything is energy and energy readers can always tap into our intentions, actions, and feelings. We are still loved by the supreme creative being, despite our human ignorance. Can we truly love rather than judge ourselves and each other? Cooperate rather than compete? The final judgement: What is, IS.

“I’m sorry”
“For what?”
“Me too”

The truth is, I’ll love this man for the rest of my days
Regardless of how often he deceives and betrays
We’re of the same tribe and soul family
Even when I disagree with his personality
My goal has always been to uplift and liberate
Inspiring with love to awaken and elevate
Illuminating wounding and foul play
Patiently awaiting the day
When he will see
And pursue his destiny

Jimmy Eat World – A Sunday
Ani DiFranco – Glass House
Cloud Cult – When Water Comes to Life
Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab “Another Chance” (Above & Beyond Club Edit)
George Michael – Kissing a Fool
Sinéad O’Connor – 1000 Mirrors
Anna Leone – If You Only
Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)
Made In Heights – Forgiveness
Matt Pond – Take Me With You
Iration – Warm Waters
Electric Youth & College – A Real Hero
Kavinsky – Nightcall
Miley Cyrus feat. Stevie Nicks – Edge of Midnight
Mihali feat. Nahko + Trevor Hall – Fading State
Nahko, Trevor, Xavier, Leah & Joseph – The Wolves Have Returned
Wookiefoot – You’re It!