The moon has many faces and many phases. She influences our moods and logic in mysterious ways. Casting reflected light into the darkness of our lives, the moon works with her ally, the sun, to help awaken and enlighten the fool.

XVIII. The Moon can’t hide her secrets forever. Like Oz behind the curtain, all is revealed as she cycles around in the light of the sun. Does she deceive or liberate us from our illusions? What do we imagine we’ll find on the dark side? Are we fearful of truths discovered in the shadows of our subconscious, or do we explore them with open-minded curiosity?

Tidally locked to the Earth, she orbits around us, holding the keys to our survival.

When the moon appears in your dreams, heed her guidance and advice.

Cloud Cult – You’ll Be Bright
Ballyhoo! – Man on the Moon
KADEBOSTANY ft. Valeria Stoica – Take Me to the Moon (Live at Helvetie’s Rooftop)
Guster – Long Night
Future Islands – Like the Moon
Shivaree – Goodnight Moon
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Owl City – Lucid Dream
Harper Finn – Dance Away These Days
Harper Finn – Conversations (With The Moon)