Humbled by his brush with death and inspired by the grace of temperance, the fool is now ready to face his demons.

XV. The Devil is in the details. A master of disguises, the devil takes many forms, from obsessive thinking and excessive sexual conquests to addictions and drama. The poor fool is no match for this master manipulator, especially when he chooses to play the victim. He remains stuck and controlled until he finds the courage to face and recognize the devil for what it truly is: a reflection of his own distorted ego, looming larger than life and running the show.

A fool with no will is the devil’s plaything, but a massive transformation is coming.

Some of these songs are not for the faint of heart. Dancing in the darkness may help guide us into the light.

The Stupendium – The Fine Print
RIELL – Redemption (Live Acoustic)
Villagers – Becoming A Jackal
iamnotshane – Privacy (Halloween Lyric Video)
Villagers – That Day
Jan Blomqvist – Our Broken Mind Embassy (Live from Mayan Warrior\Burning Man 2019)
Jan Blomqvist ft. Elena Pitoulis – More
In This Moment – Sick Like Me
Crown The Empire – BLURRY (out of place)
Ansel Elgort – Thief
Big Data – Dangerous
Grateful Dead – Friend of The Devil
Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street
The Toadies – Possum Kingdom
Blue October – Into The Ocean
Blue October – Calling You