Between justice and death, the fool finds himself in a sticky situation. As the hanged man, he’s not going anywhere. He feels hopelessly stuck, but with a change in perspective comes enlightenment: the realization he holds the key to setting himself free.

XII. The Hanged Man is helplessly entangled in a web of his own making. He is forced to be still and look at things differently. The position is reminiscent of the chrysalis phase. He knows a massive transformation is coming, but something must die for him to fly. His ego.

Avoiding the inevitable can keep someone stuck in the hanged man phase for years, decades or lifetimes.

Being stuck isn’t so bad with great music. Saved the best for last on this one.

Counting Crows – Hanginaround
Jan Blomqvist – The Space In Between
Twin Shadow ft. Rainsford – Brace
MØ – Pilgrim
Foreign Air – In The Shadows
R.E.M. – Find The River
Timbaland ft. OneRepublic – Apologize
Dikta – Breaking The Waves
Bear’s Den – Agape
The Jayhawks – Blue
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Guns N’ Roses – Estranged