Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Sometimes it’s black and white, more often shades of gray. There are moments when things are so horribly out of balance that you’re forced to take matters into your own hands, but generally it’s best to leave justice in the capable hands of the universe. In the end, everything evens out. It is law.

XI. Justice is evidence of the inherent balancing principles of the universe. There’s no escaping the righteous hand of justice. Sooner or later, we pay the piper. Justice assures us vindication and fair resolutions are coming.

Delta Heavy – White Flag
Shawn Colvin – Sunny Came Home
Scorpions – Wind Of Change
Craig David ft. Sting – Rise & Fall
Snow Tha Product – Waste of Time
Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield
Dermot Kennedy – Outnumbered
Alison Wonderland – Games