Music is one of my greatest loves. For a while I’ve been thinking I’d like to start sharing music through this blog. The original idea was to tie it in with the lovers card. Since the lovers is card 6 (VI), I thought I’d share 6 music videos in a series of 6 blogs, with a balanced representation of male and female energy.

Yesterday, I was guided to start writing down which songs/videos to feature in each blog, starting with the first three. As I thought about it this morning, I realized I want it to be a journey through the tarot, starting with the fool, ending with the world (XXI). Since the lovers is technically the 7th card in the major arcana, 6 videos per blog makes less sense now, but since I received marching orders from spirit, I trust this is the right formula.

Interestingly, one of the songs I planned to feature in this first blog is called Gold. Fool’s gold! Surely a sign that I’m on the right track (pun intended).

0. The Fool represents new beginnings. Taking a leap of faith. The childlike innocence, wonder and curiosity that enables one to bravely venture into the unknown, trusting all our needs will be met.

I guess these songs are representative of the fool’s journey. Hope you enjoy them! ❤️

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua
Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?
Halsey – Control ✦Jay Aliyev Remix✦
Wake Owl – Gold (Noah Hyde & Magic Sword Remix)
Ella Vos – Dreaming, backwards
Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human