In March 2020, when the world was going covid crazy, my mom simultaneously lost her mind. The experience was like someone having a bad trip. When she failed to regain her grip on reality by the following morning, my dad and sister brought her to the hospital. She did not go peacefully, but she’s a petite woman and nobody was harmed.

After a terrifying experience involving pharmaceuticals that put her into a catatonic state, mom was airlifted to Queen’s hospital on Oahu and recovered there, still exhibiting signs of extreme confusion and dementia. The diagnosis was Lewy Body Dementia, which the internet assured us was not good. Digging deep for signs of hope, I found an article that suggested a mental breakdown may be part of a kundalini awakening, signifying a transition into the crone phase of one’s life.

After rehab, mom returned home frail and confused. My dad was adamant about caring for her and surprisingly open to trying holistic approaches and remedies. Despite his best efforts, her condition continued to decline and in November he called 911 and she was escorted back to the hospital, where they repeated the same medical mistake, once again resulting in catatonia. This time, the situation was more dire because the necessary intervention, electroconvulsive therapy, required very specific documentation. Dad had to jump through a frustrating series of legal hoops as the length of time she went without food stretched on and on. Finally, after two weeks, everything fell into place for another emergency transfer to Queen’s.

The ECT was successful and after a few weeks of rehab, mom returned home. This time, the transformation was palpable. Her eyes, which were clouded and distant before, now saw clearly. Her previously fragmented mind was held back together with her characteristic charm and wisdom. Her recovery has been so miraculous that the doctors changed her diagnosis to Parkinson’s, since no traces of dementia remain.

Now I wonder, was the kundalini/awakening crone theory correct? Also, to what degree did love influence the outcome? Does that factor in at all if everything plays out as it’s destined to? Where did her mental faculties go when they left? How did electric currents bring them back?

Maybe the questions and answers don’t matter. Upleveling may simply require giving our brains a rest and reboot.