Does anyone feel normal? Is there such a thing? Or are all humans equally bizarre and unpredictable?

When covid hit, people often voiced a desire for things to get “back to normal” as if such a state has ever existed and life isn’t in constant flux. And was the status quo really working for anyone? The reset was urgently needed.

Where we are now makes me reflect on life when I first discovered the Mandela Effect. It still makes me anxious when I think of things like the altered scene in The Wizard of Oz. Who gave the brainless guy a gun, and why? How would that make anyone feel safe as they journeyed into the unknown? Then taking a step back and trying to understand the larger implications of upgrading into a different reality, and what that means about the true nature of our lives.

Essentially, we always know on some level this is all a dream. We distract ourselves from that truth for some reason. Are we scared to admit all we’ve worked so hard for will one day be wiped out like a hard drive? Scared to face the larger implications of that?

Can freedom be found in that realization? Stronger alignment with the aspect of ourself that does exist, and is real. More real than this reality.

I’m navigating a transition. Destination unknown, but my dreams hint at big exciting changes on the way.