After all we’ve been through, what’s left to create and experience?

My daughter is the light of my life. A visionary artist, wise teacher, beloved friend and trusted guide. She’s 8. I thought our life would look different by now. She’d have siblings, I’d have a partner, we’d be living somewhere with our family.

Instead, we live next door to my parents, sister and niece, on paradise island.

Our life has become very small.

Seeking adventure, I asked the universe for a job several years ago. That led to two years on Oahu. The hardest two years of my life. Compared to what many people suffer on this planet, my existence has been a cake walk. Yes, I’ve experienced my fair share of trauma, karmic returns and lessons, and I’m a better person now because of it. We all are. We all benefit and gain from the lessons we’re mastering in our lives. The illusions we release and overcome.

What am I meant to do next?

In a family therapy sidebar session focused on my career and financial plans, our therapist commented on my “failure to launch” as if I’ve lived in my parents’ basement my entire life.

I’ve done things. I’ve been places. Now I’m home wherever I go. But what’s it all for?

Sitting here with my 9 pentacles. My 9 cups. 10 swords in my back. 10 wands I set down. What’s needed now for our journey?

I trust. I surrender. I release.