How much venting is needed until I feel sufficiently vindicated?

I’m angry that he did everything I warned him not to. Walked into a stupid trap. Now he’s stuck with his low-hanging fruit. And I have this passionate anger. This rage. Injustices still to balance.

I feel he’s angry with me. Refuses to accept responsibility. Would rather kill himself than admit he made a mistake and apologize.

My ego wants him to suffer the consequences of his poor decisions for all of eternity. But then I flip it around on me and realize instead I must forgive and release.

All I hope for now is his awakening. To finally see the truth. To set himself free.

I’ve been free for all of eternity.

To anyone who is in an abusive relationship, please know, you have the power to free yourself within. You can flip the script at any moment. Don’t keep doubling down on a bad investment. Sometimes you need to cut your loses and walk away, for your own good. Your own sanity.

There’s a freedom that requires getting out of our own way. Complete surrender and trust.


Allowing what is meant for us to come in easily, as all that dies effortlessly falls away.

Sometimes you need to lose your mind to find yourself.

Such is the hero’s journey.