Everything I’ve been told about love is a lie.

It can’t be encapsulated in words, but still I try because there’s a truth that needs to be expressed.

I didn’t know my best friend could be my worst enemy. My biggest fan is a sneaky saboteur. My greatest love is my biggest downfall. I manifested a toxic entanglement with the shadow side of me.

Looking back I realize there were no mistakes. It played out as it needed to. I saw right through his games and went along with it, like a puppet on a string. I knew the experience was needed to support my awakening.

Is he as stupid as he seems or under the influence of spellwork? Either way, his lack of integrity, will power, and character are all reflections of something within me. Something hidden and repressed. All that I’ve ever been ashamed of somehow comes to light through him. Narcissism, addictions, power plays, materialism… the fundamental emptiness at the root of it all.

Why do tarot readers still refer to him as “your person”? Don’t I deserve so much better? Why isn’t better manifesting? How am I blocking the manifestation of true love in my life?

Any why? How do I benefit from all this time? All this sky.

Something beautiful is always gathering on the horizon. How do we anchor it in?

What is the cosmic nature of reality?

Love. Pure and simple. So easy and yet nearly impossible to find.