A recurring childhood dream was being in a room full of people and noticing someone was a vampire. I tried warning everyone, but nobody believed me. Eventually the person’s true identity was exposed and everyone ran and hid. I always chose the same bad hiding spot. The vampire found me first and as it closed in for the kill, I woke up.

In one version of the dream, the vampire was a woman. I tried warning a man and then caught sight of his fangs. Very symbolic. In real life, I tried warning someone about a parasitic force in his life. A manipulative, uncaring, and selfish energy that sucks him dry. In the process of ringing the alarm, I awoke to my entanglement in the same type of dynamic. I was in love with a vampire. He loved me too. As well as he could, which amounted to very little.

I see now how his inability to genuinely care about me, respect me, or see my value was a reflection of his inability to love, respect, or value himself. I forgive and transmute all the negative energy into love, wisdom and compassion.

I hope he loves himself enough to set himself free. He made his own prison and the keys to liberation are within.